Keyboard repair
Date: Friday, September 12 2014 @ 14:30:41 UTC
Topic: Amiga Repair & Restoration

Keyboard on Amiga 600 has a simple way of work regarding sending information's to the motherboard itself. Each key has a conductible contact made of rubber which shortness a contact on the keyboard membrane. Due to age of Amiga keyboards those conductibility problems are most common and hard to fix.

Needed materials & tools:
Silicone tube
Graphite pencil
Benzinum medicinale (Petrol without S, Pb)
Plastic can lid
Cotton sticks
Disassemble keyboard and using petrol and cotton sticks clean keyboard and key contacts.

1. Remove graphite from pencil and turn it into a powder using scalper.

2. In plastic can lid make mixture of silicon, petrol and graphite powder. Petrol will ensure that silicon will not dry fast so this will give us some more time to work. After petrol evaporates silicon will start to dry.

3. Using cotton sticks apply tin layer of mixture to the key contacts. After few hours mixture will dry.

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