Amiga 600 restoration
Date: Saturday, February 25 2012 @ 17:57:53 UTC
Topic: Amiga Repair & Restoration

For some people like me it is hard to find complete Amiga system in white condition or with all original parts. So almost every part I found need some kind of repair or cleaning. For yellowed plastic parts you need to use solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. For best results you need to use highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide for medical use and add 30% of water to that solution. Please keep in mind that in most of the countries hydrogen peroxide is illegal for selling or usage because of his toxicity. There has been some reports of creating poisons and even bombs with it so in most countries governments decided to put hydrogen peroxide on black list. Also remember that if you order something like this from E-bay seller or somewhere else can drive you to the number of problems at the customs. At the stores you can find hydrogen gel who is stable release of hydrogen peroxide but he is not strong enough to help you for whitening. For this process of cleaning plastic parts you can use tablets for washing dishes machine and add it in solution of 10% water and 90% hydrogen gel. Remember that you can speed up the process if you expose your container with solution and buttons, clips and other plastic parts to the Sun or source of heat. But you must prepare yourself that this process can last for few days even weeks, depending of your solution. In some cases you may use sulfuric acid or even bleach but it is very dangerous to mix them together so wear glows and security glasses. If you found hydrogen peroxide somewhere you can expect best results in just few hours. For my project of whitening Amiga 600 plastic and keyboard I used hydrogen gel, water and tablets for washing dishes machine. But, before start take pictures of your Amiga from every corner because without them you can have lot of problems with assembly after you finish cleaning process. Here you can find pictures for different stages of cleaning and assembly Amiga 600.

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