New PCB received
Date: Saturday, May 11 2013 @ 10:20:29 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

New and final boards are received, one assembled for about 2 hours but PLCC68 connector seems to be a problem because I wanted to experiment and ordered 40 PLCC sockets thru hole who seems don't fit correctly so tomorrow I will try to find a way to solve this. For now board is able to fetch about 50% of signals from Amiga motherboard and that is major problem for now and only thing that can be a problem is PLCC socket.
UPDATE: May 14, 2013
Found appropriate PLCC sockets at my local store. One board assembled and now running at the same speed as before but now we have 16 bit SDRAM on the board so we will soon see what is the limit of this design. So tomorrow modifications to the SDRAM controller will take place. I hope that someone will jump in and create modifications for controller because I m not satisfied with modifications I have done today. Creating SDRAM controller is delicate thing and I don't trust myself in creating such thing. Simple, I don't have enough knowledge for that, but there are few designs I already have and if no one helps i will include them.

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