Starting VAMPIRE 500 project
Date: Wednesday, March 20 2013 @ 18:09:53 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

After about 8 hours work on my regular job I come home and I was so bored and decided to start another project. So at 10:30PM VAMPIRE 500 project is started and after just half an hour I have done most of the work :) Yes it was so easy to adapt hardware part but in software part I will have to create some additional signals but that should not be a problem. Few minutes ago I ordered Amiga 500 motherboard because I have the privilege to see Amiga 500 just once around 1999 for about 15 minutes. Why I started another project and didn't finish VAMPIRE 600? In the process of waiting for new PCBs to arrive I have nothing to do. Another reason why I started this is because I m tired of waiting of some people to finish their project constantly changing designs and again trying to make a living from Amiga name. Those days I m moving to much bigger room and there I could get all needed space for my equipment. So now it is the time to push myself to the max.
UPDATE: April 17, 2013
After publishing this new project I received lot of mails to include IDE on this board. I don't understand this demand for such thing because I was thinking to replace it with MicroSD. Then again what could I know what is important for Amiga scene after all I m new here. So since I have never looked at IDE schematics it took me two days to understand complete thing so I implement it but also decided to keep MicroSD socket. For now it is purely in theory that IDE will work. So implementing this delayed my production but It will take only few hours more to verify PCB. Orders regarding components are placed and most of them are on my table so at the end of this week PCB production will start.
UPDATE: April 18, 2013
PCB in production :)

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