Adding FastRam
Date: Thursday, February 07 2013 @ 14:24:06 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

In process of adding FastRam to the board I encountered in few problems. First of all I didn't include correct version of SDRAM because I didn't use 16Bit data SDRAM chip to support MC68K data bus. Instead of that I used SDRAM chip with only 4 I/O's. Why, answer is simple I didn't have another ones. Because of this serious modifications was needed to the SDRAM controller. But after those modifications something went wrong again and once more robinson5 jumped to help with SDRAM controller and with memtests. Because memtests are taking so much time on slow machines he proposed to me to use AmosPro to test memory.

Commands are:
print hex$(leek($200000)) --Read current RAM value and cache it

loke $200000,$12345678 -- Write new contents

print hex$(leek($200000) --Read the value from cache

print hex$(leek($210000))
print hex$(leek($220000)) --Flush the cache by reading another locations

print hex$(leek($200000)) --Read the value from RAM

In images shown in this article we can see that something is wrong and instead of getting $12345678 we have got $12385678 so further investigation is needed here.

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