Amiga 1200 Coldfire accelerator
Date: Sunday, February 05 2012 @ 15:34:54 UTC
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Here are some informations I was trying to find about Russian Amiga1200 Coldfire accelerator project.
More info about the project you can find if you click HERE.

My conversation with Дмитрий Д******
Sunday, October 17, 2010 12:00 AM

The main reason why the project died was the lack of money. Not too much were made, when the project stopped, but we bought some IC's which were intended to be installed (NDA ones). You may want to write to our project engineer at ******** for further details. And, if I remeber correctly, Coldfire couldn't emulate all necessairy M68K instructions correctly. Yet, I'm certain, it is still a good idea to resurrect the project. Best regards, Dimitri D****** aka DiskWizard.

My conversation with Константин С*******
Tuesday, October 19, 2010 9:17 AM

The idea of creating accelerator belongs to the Vovanius, I joined later. Its objectives included: the development of the scheme with my help, pcb layout and Coding instructions for the coldfire. I was supposed to provide the firmware for the CPLD - for the trapdoor. We had prepared the scheme and divorced pcb, but not made. CPLD also was not made until the end. The reason for the closure of the project was the fall of interest in him, the lack of free time and lack of money for the manufacture and pcb mounting BGA coldfire. Now turbocf is not very interesting to me without Vovanius to finish project. I would be more interesting to implement another project - the development new motherboard form factor A1200. AGA chipset to be implemented on the FPGA, the processor has not yet selected a set of modern on-board peripherals - USB, Ethernet, SATA, etc. In addition, there is an idea installed on this board DSP with a modern bus to it and the FPGA with the access to the external connector and the API and give users the opportunity loaded into these chips their programs. This will enable relief processor to complex DSP algorithms, and the ability to connect various devices through the FPGA. These ideas remained ideas, even though I started to collect information on chipset, AGA, to convert it into FPGA. The plan was this - one chip with normal A1200 burn on FPGA and to achieve full compatibility programs. Then combine it all in one or more of the FPGA and then make a new motherboard. I even almost for the entire project PAULA made. If these ideas are interesting, it is possible to think of them together :)

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