Vampire series of cards are back to the production
Date: Sunday, June 26 2022 @ 19:38:44 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

Respecting the wish from many people who wrote me on my mail and facebook I have decided to resume production of genuine Vampire V2 accelerator cards for various Amiga models again with some improvements, some technical some not but still very important. In those messages I found several things in common, they liked the product but they were very frustrated with long waiting time, payment methods, insecure and slow shipping and complete logistics behind this project. So it didn't make any sense for me to resume production before all of those things were fixed.

In the meantime several things in the world has been changed. Everything gets more expensive and hard to get. I remember when I started Vampire accelerators project, soldering first wires, fuel was 0.7Eur and today is 2Eur for one litter, insane! Price of the copper and several other metals increased several times in past few months. All of that made huge impact for any kind of production and development. Production of the cards increased by 10%, shipping increased by nearly 25% and price of the parts become insane. Luckily in 2020. I have ordered tons of capacitors and resistors for the future for good prices. Worst thing is that I have feeling that this inflation will never stop. Politicians on my side talking also about increasing income tax from 10% to 13% and this is just one tax in front of many used to basically kill freelancers and developers like me. All of this is something you can see on your side also, how inflation is kicking in in your city influencing your life.

No matter what is going on I have decided to not increase price of the accelerator cards. I have always hated to see that in inflation end customer pays more just to ensure that manufacturer earns the same like he was earning before inflation. Nooo they will never give up part of the profit. This will clearly break my idea that each Vampire accelerator card has to ensure financial stability for getting more and more parts for production. That was the only way I could make enough cards for Amiga community.

Last batch of Vampire 1200 V2 cards (Rev:1.3)

Vampire 600 V2 card (Rev:2.2)

So if you want genuine Vampire V2 accelerator card for your Amiga, giving support to original developer and founder, you can drop me a mail: imajstorovic AT yahoo DOT com.

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