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Date: Thursday, March 11 2021 @ 19:24:03 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

Thanks to Covid who strikes again it took us nearly one month to finish design and produce new cardboard boxes who will be in use from now on with all Vampire accelerator models. With old design I didn't had much luck with silk screen ink who wasn't resistant enough to scratches. This time, going much professional with new printing company everything looks perfect! I want to thank Crom, our team member for this brilliant design and patience needed to finish all of this.

Old cardboard box vs. new

For promotional purposes I have also decided to make limited number of keychains. What's special of them is that actual piece of PCB is placed inside, part of Vampire card including logo. PCB is 0.36mm thick with black soldermask and red silkscreen with 35um copper plate inside. How all of this happened? I got to the store and got printable keychains with idea to print Vampire logo on them. Printable erhm, no one could print on them with any known technique or tool so my decision was to replace existing metallic plates inside them with PCB. Beside keychains there are also 3D stickers who will be included in package. Remember, all of those are build in limited numbers and will be included in packages for short period of time. They are not for sale and I will send them as gifts together with Vampire accelerators untill quantities produced don't run out.


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