First Amiga600 FPGA Accelerator project
Date: Saturday, January 26 2013 @ 13:26:12 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

This project is related to Amiga and creating accelerator cards for Amiga computers. Why Amiga if we have modern computers? If you asked that question then probably best option for you is to to move on from this site.

Investigation says that there are lot of accelerators for Amiga but I m talking about creating worlds first FPGA Amiga accelerator, and I m working on this project more than 2 years by now. Idea is to create open hardware database, where everyone can build accelerator for their Amiga or other retro computers, maybe improve some characteristics and propose some ideas so we can bring old computers into life so they can act like modern computers supporting some new standards same time keeping that retro feeling and possibilities who don't exist anymore. Plan is to use VHDL programing language on Altera platform. Project could bring something interesting to the Amiga community who is patiently waiting for Amiga revival.

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